Dr. Victor Sherman

Victor Sherman, MD

Meet Dr. Victor Sherman, Albuquerque ER & Hospital Expert-Level Physician

Dr. Shermans Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry from The University of Texas at Austin
  • Doctor of Medicine, Universidad de Autonoma de Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Residency at New York Medical College Metropolitan Hospital – Chief Resident

Dr. Sherman’s Experience

Dr. Sherman is board certified in Emergency Medicine and has practiced in Northern New Mexico since the completion of his residency.

Dr. Sherman’s Summary

Emergency medicine is often considered the frontlines of medical care. Dr. Victor Sherman was drawn to the field because he wanted to treat diverse patients and illnesses. He is co-founder of Railyard Urgent Care in Santa Fe, has worked in the ER departments of area hospitals, and is known for his calm, professional demeanor and compassion for his patients. He enjoys being active and can often be found outdoors – climbing, skiing, or mountain biking.