Featured Interview w/ Dr. Bajema

Since opening in June 2019, Albuquerque ER & Hospital provides immediate access to the best physicians, nurses, and support staff the community has to offer in a modern, calm setting. Their dedicated staff and resources allow patients to be seen by a board-certified emergency room physician within ten minutes of arrival.

ABQ Magazine: Celebrating Our CNO

We are thrilled to be featured in the new issue of Albuquerque The Magazine. Read more on our website to find out what our CNO Kim Valerio revealed about our team's success.

ABQ Magazine: Success Stories

Albuquerque ER & Hospital has created a medical experience
that patients dream of: bringing quick, courteous, and compassionate emergency care to the local community. It’s a simple
idea—and it’s also quite revolutionary.

Dr. Sanjay Khlowadwala Recognized as Innovative CEO by the Albuquerque Journal

CEOs who can mentor their employees while heading down the road to progress and innovation with tangible leadership and excellence are bound to bring their vision to reality. Three local CEOs have been recognized for four of these traits by the Albuquerque Journal.

Albuquerque ER & Hospital Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Albuquerque ER & Hospital is excited to celebrate its one-year anniversary in June 2020. Over the past year, Albuquerque ER & Hospital has celebrated many important milestones:

Patients never have to wait with Albuquerque ER & Hospital

Albuquerque ER & Hospital is the first stand-alone emergency room and micro-hospital in New Mexico. They are owned and operated by four local doctors. Owner & Physician Victor Sherman introduced their business and discussed how they are different and better...

Albuquerque ER & Hospital providing exceptional ER care for the community

Opening back in 2019, the Albuquerque ER & Hospital won’t let you sit in agony in a waiting room for hours on end. Their dedicated staff and resources allow patients to be seen by an emergency room physician within ten minutes of arrival.

Albuquerque ER & Hospital provides better and more personal emergency care

Emergency medical care that’s close, convenient and fast, shouldn’t be a luxury reserved only for those who live in cities. Albuquerque ER & Hospital’s facility is providing the emergency care Albuquerque deserves, provided by local ER physicians...

New treatment helps moms with postpartum depression

Postpartum depression troubles many new mothers, but a local hospital is offering a new treatment that can have them feeling better in a matter of hours, not weeks...

ABQ ‘Micro-hospital’ uses new approach

A new type of healthcare facility has opened on Albuquerque’s West Side, and the founders are optimistic that it will help patients spend less time in waiting rooms and more time talking with doctors...

‘Micro-hospital’ to open on West Side

The 15,585-square-foot facility, called Albuquerque ER & Hospital, is scheduled to open May 10. It will accept most commercial and private insurance plans and New Mexico Workers’ Compensation, according to information supplied by the company...