Sanjay Kholwadwala, MD

Meet Dr. Sanjay K. Kholwadwala, Albuquerque ER & Hospital's CEO

Dr. Kholwadwala's Hometown

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Dr. Kholwadwala's Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology from The University of Southern California and The University of New Mexico
  • Doctor of Medicine from The University of New Mexico
  • Emergency Medicine Residency at The University of Illinois
  • Board Certified in Emergency Medicine through The American Board of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Kholwadwala's Experience

Dr. Kholwadwala has over 22 years of experience in the hospital emergency department. He is an expert in providing critical care after serving as Medical Director for over 18 years at St. Joseph/Lovelace. Many describe him as a team-spirited, disciplined, caring, and dedicated clinician with extensive administrative experience.  

Dr. Kholwadwala's Summary

Dr. Sanjay Kholwadwala is CEO and one of the physician owners of Albuquerque ER & Hospital - the first micro-hospital in Albuquerque and the only one to be owned and operated by physicians. He has been nominated Top Docs Albuquerque - the magazine - numerous times. He was voted best doc by the ER nurses at Lovelace.

Most importantly, Dr. Kholwadwala is a proud father of two wonderful kids. When he is not dedicating his life to medical practice, he finds some time for his hobbies - collecting classic cars, traveling, and spending time with family.

Dr. Kholwadwala's Personal Mission Statement

To deliver high-quality, exceptional care that is prompt and improves the patient hospital experience.  As a CEO, he aims to restore joy and satisfaction from working in the emergency room.