CEO, Dr. Sanjay Kholwadwala Reflects on the Success of Albuquerque ER & Hospital and Talks Future Expansion

Albuquerque ER & Hospital’s CEO, Dr. Sanjay Kholwadwala was recently commended for his innovative leadership in the Albuquerque Journal.

Dr. Kholwadwala gave insight into where it all started with his desire to create a smaller, more intimate hospital with the same accommodations and capabilities of a high-profile emergency room. As a longtime physician with many years of experience, Dr. Kholwadwala felt called to personalize medical care and steer away from the chaotic, detached environments of major hospitals. His dedication to this dream would eventually earn him the Progress award.

“I thought there could be a different way to do this. We’re not spending enough time with patients. We’re moving so fast that we had no time to talk with anyone. Doctors and nurses don’t talk with the patients, and patients feel like they’re not being heard,” Dr. Kholwadwala said. “I wanted to try something where I can actually speak with patients, sit down with them, spend 30 minutes. We’re a smaller hospital with lower volumes, and we spend more time, and that makes patients happy. It’s a lot more fulfilling than spending a minute or two with a patient and moving on.”

This individualistic approach not only makes for more fulfilling work for the staff, but it has generated an overwhelmingly positive response from the community. Patient gratitude is reflected with over 400 five-star reviews on Google.

With the success of Albuquerque ER & Hospital, Dr. Kholwadwala is pursuing the hospital’s expansion into a second location in the Northeast Heights. Initially, he wondered if the facility could compete against the big names in Albuquerque, ultimately having confidence that “anytime you expand, it’s always nerve-wracking, but that’s also the fun time.”

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